The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

If you’re pressed for time, consider The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss, by Melinda B. Jampolis, M.D. (Thomas Nelson), which offers creative tips on how to order better-for-you menu items at restaurants, pack healthy on-the-go snacks and get more exercise in less time. You’ll follow guidelines regarding what kinds of foods to buy and what serving sizes are best, but you choose the foods to eat.
What’s on the menu: Since you never know what food you’ll encounter when, say, stuck at an airport, focus on creating healthy eating habits that can be used anywhere, advises Dr. Jampolis. For example, before heading out the door you’ll eat a satisfying breakfast and carry either a protein bar, small bag of nuts or piece of fruit with you at all times. The key is planning: “If you’re going to a dinner party, cut back on your starches and fat during the day by having a salad for lunch,” suggests Dr. Jampolis. “And just before you go, eat a high-fiber snack to take the edge off your appetite.”
Potential pitfall: There aren’t many recipes, so it’s not ideal if you love to cook.

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Dig in: Restaurant-lovers will enjoy the “around-the-world eating options.” For instance, when at an Italian place, you’re advised to start with a bowl of minestrone soup, have bread or pasta (not both) and then opt for marsala or marinara dishes over anything with parmigiana, Alfredo or pesto in its name.

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